Cloud computing

    By shravanireddy

    The Infojobs data make the director of engineering projects the highest paid position, with an average salary of 70,956 euros per year. They are followed by dentists (54,748 euros) and IT managers (53,396 euros). These positions exceed the remuneration of company directors (49,445 euros) and financial directors (45,665 euros), according to the offers managed by the aforementioned company, although it is true that it is not specialized in management positions.

    Another trend detected by the document presented yesterday is that programmers and data analysts monopolize the list of emerging positions (those that did not exist in 2008). The developers of mobile applications, whose demand has multiplied by 17 in just five years, dominate this category since 2010 . Between 2014 and 2015, 39% of these professionals have been hired, who hardly have any competition (seven candidates have been counted for each job offer), whose average salary of cloud computing engineer salary exceeds 30,000 euros.