Just why Does My Cat Demand Cat Toys?

Nothing is safe from the kitten in my house, he plays with all that's not glued down. Keys, pens, pencils, rubber bands, bobby pins, plastic bags, anything, everything. I can't let you know present I've been late for work because my house keys are missing and where will i eventually find them? Beneath the couch, under the chair once within the dishwasher. To start with, I accused loved ones but before too long I realised who at fault was, one that can't leave anything alone, my cat!

It looks like he's fascinated with stuff that the guy can bat or push around, the better they move the more he likes them. Who would've every considered that a cat can be interested in car keys or pens or rubber bands? When small objects disappear, we all know who took them and that we also know where to look. Under large objects like furniture or appliances are nearly always where things arrive.

It can make me wonder why cats need toys when they play with anything they could possibly get their paws on. It took some time to comprehend that the cat carries a [natural] should hunt and stalk. Small objects that move easily provide them with a way to stalk, attack and push around their "prey". Cats need to release energy and by pouncing on and batting issues that they could easily move lets them keep their hunting skills polished. Ah, so this is why cats need toys!


Cat toys usually are meant to provide healthy exercise each day. Toys can be a superior strategy to release energy and enjoy yourself without losing the vehicle keys. Surprisingly, cat toys come in various types. Balls, toy mice, wind-up toys to chase and in many cases birds that will make chirp noises. Numerous tantalizing items to interest kitty, he can stop enthusiastic about the things that he really should not be having fun with.

Important things have gotten better around here since we introduced some toys to the fur baby. He plays for hours [and hours!] with his toys, usually until they disappear underneath the stove or dishwasher where he can't fit a paw directly into make them. As he loses one of his favorite toys under a product, he sits and stares and eventually begins to pout. Yep, I am aware he lost something and I need it for him or he'll be eying those house keys again.

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